Every small business must master organization and productivity to stay in the game. The dilemma for start-ups is usually limited access to pricey software that helps create that environment. Fortunately, the Digital Age has given us a few tricks for the office.

Google Chrome users have the benefit of ‘extensions’. Unlike apps, extensions are downloaded to the browser and do not bog down your data and storage space. Here are 5 extensions that start-ups should know:

1. Boomerang

(The red “Send Later” button will become an option once you’ve added the Google chrome extension| via funnelholic)

This Google Chrome extension helps you schedule Gmail messages and notifies you by boomeranging your messages back if they go unanswered within a time frame set by you. This extension is perfect for scheduling e-mails during late nights to be sent during appropriate business hours while you take care of other tasks.

2. Pocket

(Pocket always works in the background when you’re browsing the web so click and save | via thenextweb)

This Google Chrome extension helps you save anything in Chrome that you would like to view later. You can also see your saved links without an internet connection. Review links during flights or in the subway to stay up on the news and any other reading material on the go.

(Bonus Alternative: InstaPaper)

3. Grammarly Spell Checker

(Spell check everything! | via Chrome)

Double check all written text on your phone from SMS messages to e-mails to social media posts. Unlike regular Microsoft Word spell check, this Google Chrome extension also checks grammar for correctly spelled words that are incorrectly placed. This is especially great for entrepreneurs who constantly communicate on the go and cannot afford careless errors.

4. iPassword

(iPassword also helps you generate secure passwords | via agilebits)

Are you still saving all of your passwords on an Excel sheet? This Google Chrome extension saves all your passwords securely in one place so you don’t have to remember them all or depend on a hard drive. Though Google Chrome has auto-memory for passwords as a setting, anytime you clean your computer (primarily cookies and history) you’ll have to re-enter those passwords. With iPassword, you can clean your devices as often as necessary without losing any of your passwords.


5. Discover.ly

(Stay connected better than ever before. | via Chrome)

Still having a hard time picking the right social media platforms and balancing them? This Google Chrome extension allows you to narrow it down to 3: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Stay connected with all contacts across all 3 platforms.


Organization and productivity take plenty of diligence but don’t have to be grueling or expensive work. Balance out your daily tasks with these five Google Chrome extensions without downloading any of them to your devices.

And do it without spending a penny!