If you have an e-commerce business, then I am sure by now you have heard that social media can be a great tool for you. It can help you build your brand, interact with customers, and ultimately help you sell more products. If you know all this to be true, but don’t know where to start, then don’t worry because we are here to help. Social media for E-commerce can work for you if you follow some basic tips.

#1 Integrate E-commerce with social media platforms

This seems obvious but you’ll be surprised how many entrepreneurs don’t think of their Facebook page, Instagram accounts etc. as an extension of their website and their brand.  If your E-commerce is based on your website that’s much easier to achieve, but slightly harder if you have an Etsy account for example, as Etsy are branding the site and you’re squatting. Add icons to your various social media on your email signature, website, blog etc. This drives further traffic back to you

#2 Chasing Likes and Shares

Likes and shares are both important measures on both Facebook and Instagram. To build instant likes which gives your E-commerce page or site credibility, you can use a service that has loads of people that they send a link to Like your page. This helps in the beginning. But you want to have organic growth to generate more likes and more importantly shares.   Engage with your potential customers. Run competitions, polls, etc. that speak to your target audience. Offer incentives for people to share. For example, if they share to 10 of their friends they get 10% off.

#3 Content

Only post maximum twice a day on Facebook. Don’t do sales pitches of products. What you should do is keep it short and engaging. Share a story that’s relevant to your product. On Pinterest and Instagram, the reverse of Facebook is true.   Share, share, share all the time. Add content be it images, articles, phrases or a graphic quite a few times a day. Ensure the content will grab their attention. Once people find you they will get hooked on seeing fresh information regularly. Especially if you package that information or product in a way that shows its relevance to them and their lives.


The value of comments cannot be underestimated. To get going open several Gmail or Yahoo accounts that you can then use to post comments to your E-commerce site to start the ball rolling as a user of the product.   There is nothing worse than seeing a comment heading and nothing underneath. The trust factor is then questioned.  What which of the comments people pick up on. Then that’s the language and approach you use going forward. Learn from other sites like Amazon etc. to which comments people respond to.

#5 Timing

You will soon see what time you have more traffic and engagements on your social media. That should be the time when you post your content to maximize the result.

#6 Images

Research from Hubspot shows that you can increase your likes and comments by over 130% if you add relevant images that will generate conversation.  If you include a link to more information with the image that increases the response rate.

#7 Call to Action

In every post, you want to ensure that you’re not just sharing, etc. but also including a call to action with a link to the product so that your visitors know what you expect them to do.   If you want them to comment, ask and say how much you value their opinion and place a link back to the product.

#8 Response Day

Select a day of the week that best fits with your business. If you sell hobby materials, then a Sunday afternoon might be relevant. Post that you’ll be available to answer any questions they might have. This makes you stand out and gives your E-commerce site a human factor. This encourages customer care and loyalty as well as directly more traffic to your site.

#9 Understanding the Competition

Who is your competition? Find out who your main competitors are and see what is working on their site.   Who is following them? Is there an overlap between your clients and theirs? What can you do differently to increase customer loyalty?   Copying is not flattering in the digital world but do learn from your competitors.

#10 Be Honest

This sounds facile, but it’s true. We can also sense when something is not right, even digitally. It’s why we go to one site over another.

Whatever your approach may be to sell using social media engaging with your potential customers at every opportunity is another brick in the e-Commerce giant that you’re building. If you ever need more assistance give us Key Marketing a call today.